2 exercises to help you punch stronger – “Press-Up to Impress”

Press-Up to Impress

One of our Krav Maga coaching philosophies is that “we look for skills that can help our students with other skills”. A good example is that an explosive press-up, is a similar action to a strong punch, you see the link.

If we coach exercises in class that simulate the explosive power of a punch, we can help to improve your punching skills.

The modern approach for developing these skills are plyometrics or rapid and repeated stretching and contracting of the muscles, which are designed to increase your strength.

The catch is that ploymetrics can put our bodies under a lot of stress, so they need to be performed when you’re warm and smartly. By smart, you don’t need to be fatigued. Just complete each repetition with your maximum amount of speed and intensity.

Now, the plyometric push-up, is a common skill to improve your power. If you want to perform, please avoid injury by ensuring that your technique is checked by an expert.  When performing them, I recommend a soft surface to reduce the impact on the body.   If you prefer a reduced impact version, a halfway house is a shoulder touch.  This has less impact,  but still has a number of benefits for punching power.

Shoulder Touch:

1) Start by getting into a push-up position
2) Lower yourself to the ground and then explosively press-up, touching your hand to the opposite shoulder
3) Gently catch your fall with your hands and immediately lower yourself into an explosive motion, pressing up again
4) Repeat for the recommended repetitions

Side Throws:

Stand with your footsies, hip-width apart and place left foot approximately one foot in front of right foot.A short fighting stance.

Hold a medicine ball or slam ball with both hands and arms only gently bent.

Swing the ball over to the right hip and forcefully underhand toss the ball forward to a partner or wall. Keep your belly drawn in to maximize proper usage of muscle.

Catch the ball on the return bounce from the wall or your buddy. Then repeat depending on the number of reps that you would like to perform.

I’ve also used a resistance band for this one, but that’s probably another post to walk through those exercises.

Hope this helps.

See you in your Krav Maga Class