Before Jason Bourne, there was the Battle Royale

As the Romans said: “If you wish to live in peace – be prepared for war.”

Battle Royale is a training idea taken from a film in the year 2000, where a class has been chosen by the government in Japan. They are to take part in an game where all the students of the class must fight until only one remains alive.

Each of the student is given a bag and in the bag there is a random choice of weapon.

The weapons found in the bag could be similar to a hunting tool, such as a knife or a typical common object which can be used as a shield such as a pan lid.

Now you’re not going to be asked to fight until only one remains, that would be crazy!

We would be tidying up the training room for a week, but consider the concept a little more and what you can learn.

How about we teach you some of the building blocks of using common objects, combine this with the principles you already know from Krav Maga and allow you to practice with each other in order to safely test out these skills against an experienced instructor.

You’ll learn how to carefully choose targets, attack and defend with weapons and your body to amplify your Krav Maga Skills.

There’s only one catch, just like in Battle Royale, In the final part of the course. You’ll have to work with what’s in your bag to protect yourself.

This is a unique opportunity to enhance your Krav Maga skills and be coached by our guest instructor who is a leading expert in:

Western Pugilism, Pre Marquis of Queensbury rules and an incredible coach in the principles of Elizabethan Weapons and Japanese Swordsmanship.

We’re going to go “both Old Skool and New School” to teach the art of using common objects in self defence.

This is a one of a kind course.

There’s only limited places, and when they’re gone, that’s it.

If you’re ready to book by the 1st June, you can use the code “BATTLEROYALE” to save £4.

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