New Year New You

There’s lots of reasons to try Krav Maga this year other than just wanting to get fitter.  It’s an investment in YOU!

You’ll feel more confident, look better and learn skills that help keep you and your family safer. There’s lots to do this year, we get it as we’re always busy and get easily distracted.

If you want to get positive new habits, make a change this year that has the potential to stay with you a life time.

So Take Action and get yourself booked onto the Krav Maga Trial Programme.

It’s popular, for very good reasons!!! There’s limited spaces in January 2018 so book now to avoid missing out, it’s as easy as 1,2,3 

Step 1) Choose your first class from the list below, the town names are under the event name column

Step 2) Book the class from the link and we’ll be in touch to help you get started (if you have a CODE, you’ll need this handy!!!)

Step 3) At the first lesson, your coach will then book you onto the next class in the trial programme