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Self-Defence — You Don’t Have to Be a Ninja Commando ex Marine

 While being in good physical shape is an advantage, not everyone is. Unfortunately, when seeking a victim, an attacker often looks for people who makes easier victims, and they’ll take on board whether you’ll put up much of fight. If you want to get away with a crime, it helps to choose people that look like coach potatoes.

The good news for you, if you are one of those “out of shape” people, iwhen it comes to self-defence, your physical conditioning really doesn’t matter quite so much. Even if your fitness days are a decade or more behind you — or even disabled — you can defend yourself, as long as you know how.

You don’t have to be a ninja to do protect yourself, just aware of your potential.

krav maga skills can be learned by anyone really fast

Some people mistakenly believe that you must study martial arts to defend yourself. Imagine a scenario where Mike Tyson is holding a cat, then some thug throws cold water on the cat.  Believe me, even Iron Mike would be in trouble with the cats reaction!

While martial arts will indeed teach you how to defend yourself, and Krav Maga classes do include many different moves that are used in martial arts, you do not need a martial arts class. You need a Krav Maga class — and there is a vast difference.

It takes years to master any type of martial arts. It takes a few hours to learn some basic self defence skills. To master martial arts, you must be in good physical condition — or your physical condition vastly improves through the act of learning martial arts. For Krav Maga, you do not have to be in good physical shape, it simply doesn’t matter.

The point is, never assume that you cannot learn Krav Maga.

If you are in a wheelchair, you can learn self-defence techniques. If you are overweight, you can learn self-defence. If you walk with a cane you can learn self-defence.

You get the point!

If you have a bad back, you can still learn self-defence.

Make it a point to call and talk to someone who teaches Krav Maga in your area and see what’s possible.