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Great, your ready to get started with your Krav Maga trial programme, this is the best way to commence your Krav Maga journey.

Our web special offer is £14.99 for the trial programme which includes 3 lessons.

Choose your first lesson from the list below and you’ll be able to book online.

“For your trial, we suggest wearing gym kit such as indoor trainers, training pants and a t-shirt.

You’ll work hard, so bring a drink and perhaps a hand-towel as well”

Step 1 – Choose the lesson and date from the list below
Step 2 – Book your first lesson from the website
Step 3 – After your first lesson agree the date of your next trial class with your coach

After your first lesson

After your first class, the instructor will discuss with you the reasons you wanted to learn Krav Maga and find out more about your learning goals. You’ll be able to agree the date for second trial lesson and you’ll receive your Free T-shirt as well.