It takes two baby!

A new couple recently joined the Krav Maga club in Blackpool and we got chatting after the classes as to why they wanted to train together.

They felt that the fitness was not going to just benefit their own health but their relationship too.

“How so?” couples training in krav maga for self defence togetherI asked.

“We’re going to be committing time each week that we’ll be together, laughing, sweating and having fun”

The couple in question both work for the NHS, but in different roles so it was important for them to schedule this time as they were on shifts. It could just as easily have been badminton that they did together, but they said that they

“Also we would feel more comfortable knowing that each other had some basic self-defence skills”

 Over the years we’ve had a number of couples in the classes, a few odd couples too but overall the feedback has been that their relationships have been healthier as a result.

Krav Maga is pretty good, but it’s not magic so I don’t expect it’s going to rekindle a flame or make your partner fall in love with you again. But I do think that you can start to associate your partner with the dopamine we stimulate when happy and having fun.  Some couples may even get a little extra kick about being sweaty in different positions.  Probably a different post….

Training with your partner does have the potential to strengthen your bonds. I went on a towing course with Mrs D and we both admitted that it was a good experience for us to work as a team. This was partly due to Jack, our instructor who was a great coach.

The take away from this is that if you want to commit some time each week to getting fitter. It does not always have to be about you.  Why not you and your partner?

It may even give your relationship a new positive dimension.