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(children 4 to 6 years)

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Krav Maga

(children 7 to 12 years)

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Krav Maga

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Martial Arts

(ADULTS & CHILDREN 4 TO 12 years)

Virtual Martial Arts
Child Learning Martial Arts

Benefits Of Your Child Learning Martial Arts

Martial arts classes is a way of life, helping children develop physically and mentally. 

These ‘structured programmes’  are a fun way to help your child grow in confidence, focus and determination. 

If you are looking for a children’s martial arts class in Preston. You’ll like our philosophy of using positive reinforcement to encourage your child to be their personal best.

Learn Krav Maga For Fitness, Strength, and Self Protection

Krav Maga will increase your self-protection skills and get you into excellent physical condition. 

This martial art is great for increasing your strength, and as you learn new skills, you will also grow in confidence. 

Our lessons are fun conducted with a supportive community environment. With plenty of support and encouragement from all levels. If you’re looking for Krav Maga Training in Preson. Come along and try it out with a taster session today!

adult krav maga lessons in Preston

Why martial arts classes with West Coast Martial Arts?

West Coast Martial Arts was founded by former WKA World Kickboxing Champion & Krav Maga Expert, Lee Douglas.
Lee’s mission from the start was to “Provide a martialarts club that welcomes all. Young, old, novice or skilled, everyone deserves the opportunity to learn self-protection and develop from this wonderful lifestyle.”  If you’re looking for a martial arts class near you that’s fun, professional and will get you into your best shape. You can try a taster class today, via the form below. 


Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams
We really enjoyed the Confidence session - it was pitched at just the right level for my 7 year old to enjoy and I also picked up some great new ideas too!
Stephanie Lee
Stephanie Lee
My girls started lessons during lockdown. At first it was virtual until we could go to the centre. Even from the virtual classes you could feel the passion and energy from Lee. The kids picked up on this and now love coming to lessons. The centre is run to a high standard from everyone you meet. We particularly love Hannah. Its not just the professionalism its the love for what they do and that has really impacted my children. They love coming to class. They feel totally safe and they are getting fitter and more confident at each lesson. From a covid aspect, it is Clean! they follow every rule. They are learning so much more from the classes, not just move and skills but life lessons also.
Djamal Zenati
Djamal Zenati
How much month
katie Eames
katie Eames
Great kick boxing session! Fantastic instructor, friendly guys 🙂 really well structured and following covid rules fantastically!
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