Adult kickboxing classes in Preston

Kickboxing classes near me in Preston

Looking for a Kickboxing Class Near Me in Preston

Kickboxing in Preston for WomenIf you are interested in learning Kickboxing, here’s 3 great tips to look for that will help you find the best class close to where you live.  

Firstly, what is it about Kickboxing that has peaked your interest. Is it the sport side or are you looking for a fitness workout?  

The sport side of kickboxing will allow you to test your skills, maybe even compete.  

If you are looking to develop combat skills, then a sports oriented club will be an ideal place to start looking. 

When you contact the club, ask about how they introduce the beginner students to sparring. 

There should be a structured method of developing skills and gradually introducing to contact via controlled exercises and games. 

If students get in the ring straight away and spar. 

TOP TIP*: Be wary of clubs that follow this method. 

If you are interested in Kickboxing as a way to keep fit. 

You’ll cover many of the same skills as the competition athlete. 

The main different is that there will be less contact or no contact at all. 

In a you’ll usually follow a way to develop your structure. 

This is usually the different types of footwork, that allow you to move and throw striking combinations. 

It’s important to spend a little time learning footwork, as you need this base to develop power and avoid hurting yourself. 

In our club at West Coast Martial Arts Kickboxing in Preston Expect to spend some time striking the air, focus pads and kick shields in a class. 

Striking the air is a great way to build confidence, but you develop your muscle tone from striking items with some resistance. 

Some kickboxing classes will require you wrap your hands if your going to be striking surfaces fairly hard.

You can buy wraps online as a cotton bandage, but you can also get quick wrap gloves too. The quick wraps will usually have a lot of padding around the knuckles and some form of wrist support. 

Here’s a handy video on how to wrap your hands in case you need to know this. 

Striking Combinations

Once you progress with kickboxing you’ll start throwing together combinations of punches and kicks. Here are some good fundamental combinations that you may want to know. 

Different styles you may see in Preston

There are different styles that may crop up in your searches. Especially if you are looking for a club in Preston. 

You may come across Muay Thai. This style using knees and elbows as a part of the system and also includes some trips and throws.  There are a number of good clubs, but check out the floor and equipment for signs of blood as this may be a sign that the club is very intensive and the levels of contact are likely to be very high.

Freestyle kickboxing or points kickboxing. This is a sport style of kickboxing, lots of fun but usually very controlled levels of contact. There’s lots of different kicks in this style, its fast fun and will have you sweating by the end of the class.

Dutch Kickboxing.  Very competitive, fun and will challenge you technically and physically.  Here’s a great documentary that will help you understand what this style is all about.

Avoiding injuries

It’s unusual to see many injuries in class if you are training for fitness.  Especially when compared to other sports such as football and rugby. This is because classes usually feature great warmups, stretching and mobility drill before you add power. 

Plus you can usually train at your pace. 

But the most common sprain is with the the legs or knees when learning the turning or round kicks. 

Here’s a great tutorial that will help you look after your knees. 

Tip 3 & 4 are the most important to pay attention too!

How to try a kickboxing class in Preston

If you are looking for a group class or personal tuition in Preston. We are a fun way to introduce you safely to the fitness side of the sport. You can try a class from the ages of 13 years and above by filling out our free taster form online: 

Try a class in Preston for Kickboxing

Adult kickboxing classes in Preston

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