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5 tips to hit a punchbag like a pro

5 tips to help you hit a punchbag like a PRO🥊

👊👊On Sunday morning we run the punchbag pro workshop.
Really interesting course for me as a coach, as a punch bag is not a punchbag?

Sounds crazy!

But there are heavy bags, ones that swing wildly on springs when hit, floor-standing bags, bags hanging off trees etc.
What’s great is that as each type of punchbag has it’s pro’s and cons, there are a few tips that work across all of this equipment.

Tip 1, have a plan for your workout.

Rather than be one of those punch bag monsters you may have seen at the gym wildly swinging.

Decide what you want to work on and zone in on your goal.
Tip 2, have an exercise you can use to measure your progress. I love reverse pyramids.

It’s where you may have a sequence that goes like…

10 punches 10 knees 10 kicks
8 punches 8 knees 8 kicks….. all the way down to 0

this way you can time yourself and check progress.

Tip 3, Practice makes permanent. Be mindful of your habits.

Do you stop the punchbag from swinging and rocking with your butt, your hand or your leg? This becomes your fighting habit too, so be mindful how you train.

Tip 4, How do you cover the distance to hit the bag.

Are you walking straight up to it and just start firing off those bombs or do you move in from a long range behind fakes with good head movement?
Tip 5, Get the right equipment for hitting hard.

If you’re throwing power shots, make sure you’re striking correctly with your body. It’s very easy to injure yourself or create a repetitive strain if you get this wrong.

Do you use hand wraps if training for combat sports?

If you injure yourself, you cannot train or see a physio at the moment so take the time to prepare correctly and use good form.

Have fun training!

p.s. if you need help. You can try one of our virtual classes here for more training tips

5 tips to hit a punchbag like a pro




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