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We run a Self-Protection 101 workshop. It coaches that Violence occurs within a timeline, with steps, stages and escalations. It’s a little bit like the gears on a car. You can go up a gear into a physical confrontation or down a gear if you are able to defuse a situation to avoid violence.

Our corporate workshops walk through these stages, so we can identify them and understand what tactics are possible to prevent moving into a more dangerous gear.

With presentations and workshops from 60-minutes to a bespoke training experience.

You will learn how both a criminal/aggressor’s timeline and your own, connect and interact to form a violent incident.

When we understand how robbers, predators, sexual assailants operate. There are indicators or warning signs that if you can identify them. Will enable you to make good decisions and act appropriately to avoid the violence or defend yourself at the earliest opportunity.

This is not a list of” do this and do not do that…”

It’s training in observation, risk assessment, decision making and appropriate action.

These are the same skills used by law enforcement, military units and when applied to civilians gives you and your team the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves and people they care about too.

We offer a number of training packages including (but certainly not limited to) the following:


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