Defending youself against multiple attackers

Multiple attackers…. 🧟‍♂️🧛‍♂️ Planned or Spontaneous?
Defending yourself against multiple attackers is tough.
If you have time… work out is it a planned group trying to corner you or a something more spontaneous?
Maybe you knocked someone, accidentally insulted them, spilled a drink, broke the rules of that place and the group reacted.
Can you de-fuse the situation and find out how to resolve the problem?
If you speak and you get the silent treatment, or worse someone looping the same reply.
It’s not a good sign, there’s likely to be some trouble.
One tactic we practise in krav maga is stacking, trying to move so that there’s no one behind you and the people in front are lined up like birds on a wire.
A second tactic is create a space so you can run, as you see in the picture.
Not easy to do, but possible with practise.