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What is the number 1 reason that Preston Kids start whining?

When you’ve been super excited to finally grab some family time with a holiday.  Then you get in the car, kids in the back and the noises happen. 

The kids start acting super negative and whining.
You’re not far outside of Preston, and you can hear the children in the car. Falling out, complaining, blaming and whining. 

10 minutes into your holiday and you already feel like pulling your hair out!

We get it, but it’s natural for children to act this way.

It’s called a negative bias and it’s designed to keep us safe.

Through noticing negative things in the environment.

Children have the opportunity to spot danger, like a sabre tooth tiger that wants its dinner.

So our children are good at pointing out the negative thoughts and feelings that they experience.


As martial arts coaches for children in Preston, we see this a lot in our Krav Maga classes.

So our #1 tool is to refocus the child’s mind with a positive thought instead.

It sounds simple, but it takes practise to look at the negativity you hear, and quickly flip it into a positive statement that refocuses the mind.

Training the brain to seek out something positive instead, is a tool we can use to help our children and ultimately ourselves as parents too.

It’s not about bottling up emotions.

It’s changing the attention of our children onto something more useful.

Which can have the added bonus of ‘stopping the whining’, whether you’re on holiday, in a martial arts class or at home with the family. 

Here are a few examples that may help in the image.

And if you’re having a break soon, hope you have a lovely time with the family.

– Coach Lee (West Coast Martial Arts) 

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Elementor #12606




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