Krav Maga is a reality based self defence and fitness system which will help you get fitter and stronger, at the same time as learning to protect you and your loved ones.

What are Krav Maga Classes Like?

happyKrav Maga Lessons in Blackpool and Preston are great fun. Our classes are physically challenging with an element of mental training and an encouraging social atmosphere. We’ll help you to stay determined, achieve your goals and discover what your potential is. Our coaches are helpful and will coach in a structured way to help you learn Krav Maga.

What happens in a class?

DSC_0386Our classes have happy people who are motivated and helpful towards new people. Ask any of our members what the lessons are like, you’ll soon understand that we’ll encourage you to workout hard, but at your pace. We coach techniques appropriate to your level of progression, so both beginners and experts will learn techniques that stay with them for live.

West Coast Krav Maga Training includes:

  • Prevention, avoidance and escaping from a situation involving a threat or conflict
  • Practical skills in self defence, including escaping if a confrontation goes to the ground
  • Accelerating the learning process, so you become proficient quickly
  • Awareness of common objects that can be used to defend yourself
  • Learning how to protect yourself against multiple people trying to harm you
  • Fitness routines that will help you lose weight, increase flexibility and feel great
  • Skills for protecting your friends and family


DSC_0200West Coast Krav Maga are dedicated to providing you with a structured way to develop your skills in self defence. We want you to achieve your training goals and tell your friends about your successes. To help you get started, you can try two of our classes for £15. Meet the team and find out first hand how you’ll benefit from our classes.

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