Is physical self defence behind the times?

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Once upon a time, learning to defend yourself was keeping wild dogs from your herd, knowing which berries to eat and making strong tools.

Not easy to achieve, but it made sense.

Now in the 21st century, we’ve also got Mental Self Defence and Digital Self Defence too.

Mental self defence or the pressures that we are feeling is not a new issue but it is on the increase according to MHFA England.

From teens self-harming due to growing peer pressure and the media’s affect on our natural horizon. We have changing levels of emotional connection. Plus, we’re yet to see the all of the output from the Covid19 isolation captured in statistical data.

Digital self defence is also broad. With frequent telephone scams… persons untraceable grabbing your personal details… click bait on phones tricking you into making purchases… hackers stealing our bank information… this list goes on.

Are the threats from the digital world or the impact of mental stresses overtaking martial arts as the priority for learning to protect yourself?

Well, it’s clear to most of us that having a decent right cross and a strong password is not a panacea.

Personally, I think most of the above types of self defence goes hand in hand.

That is learning to detect and avoid problems, whether they are physical, mental or digital.

Detection is still the principled way of protecting ourselves.

There are some training and fundamental skills needed across all of the above areas here, but there are a few sites listed below that’s a good place to start:

With the physical stuff:

With the digital world. There are many helpful sites out there including these ones:

credit card fraud:…/identity-fraud/

free credit check:

fraud advice CIFAS:

For mental self defence there are some experts ready on a phone to help:

These topics are extremely sensitive, especially to their victims and incredibly traumatic for the families of victims too.

This world is getting increasingly more complex, at least it is from my perspective.

But the principles of self defence are still relevant across all three areas.

Avoid the threat where possible.

Can you defuse it or reduce the likelihood of a physical impact.

Have some fundamental knowledge and skill in how to defend yourself when necessary.

Is physical self defence behind the times?




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