It’s Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Nine.

It’s Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Nine.

That’s nine fitness tips to help you hit 2019 running not panting for breath.

1: Active presents

If you get anything related to health and fitness. Play with it. Maybe make it a tournament, like with Twister or a Beats Based workout in VR. Play with the kids, move more.

2: Sprints…

Time is precious as “the people” are often coming and going at this time of year. But be honest, you can find 10 minutes.

That could be a 10 minute HIIT, 10 minute abs workout yada yada. It’s more achievable in smaller blocks.

3: Book a course with west coast Krav Maga.

A shameless plug, but even thinking about exercising gets you focused. Having a deadline that you’ll be started a martial arts course focuses the mind more so. You’ll look for ways to keep fit, like walking to a local shop instead of driving. Plus if you do slide a little or a lot. It’s now much easier to get back on track.

4: Standard measures

It’s Christmas time baby, so be careful with those measures. Nice peoples may give you lots of gifts like wine, gin….. so it’s very easy to overindulge. Maybe slightly smaller measures, or add a little more mixer in with your shorts.

5: Make a play list

Sometimes it’s just real hard to get started with the training. Listening to Shatner Bells can kill your mood. So make a play list of your favourite tracks and listen to them. Changing your mind-set and getting in the mood makes it easier to get fitter.

6: Relax

It’s not all go go go. You can practise breathing, Pilates or Yoga style movements at home if your struggling to move fast. It’s good exercise and you can even improve your mobility.

7: Tidying up

I said it, at the time of writing I also meant it 🙂 But putting the tree away. Getting rid of clutter and sprucing up the place is a great workout too.  Plus you can see the benefits as well.

8: Exercise after food

If you’re having the big meals, you’re going to get sugar spikes. Be sensible and safe, but if you can exercise afterwards. Keep it simple, maybe walk the dog, squat to load the dish washer or lunge to put plates away.

If you can’t get out for you normal training session, you could always suggest going for a walk with the people you’ve eaten with.

9: Watch Die Hard

Yes it is a Christmas movie!!! Love this film, makes me want to jump and shout “yippee ay yay mother… But maybe watch sat on a boister, yoga block or something that gives you a stretch at the same time. This way you’ll be more mobile for your morning run.

Have a fab Christmas and New Year everyone.