Junior Krav Maga (7 to 11 Years)

Junior Krav Maga
(7 to 11 Years)

Your child will develop leadership and other essential life skills when they start Junior Krav Maga in our Preston Academy.

Junior Krav Maga (7 to 11 Years)




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Junior Krav Maga (7 to 11 Years)

Getting started with the programme is straightforward:

Give Your Child the Start They Need to Succeed

Choosing the right activity for your child can be a challenge. You want to make sure that your child learns the difference between right and wrong and that they are equipped with life skills to help them succeed in life. While wanting your child to develop, you are also faced with the anxiety of them falling victim to bullying or predators.

West Coast Martial Arts will help you with both these concerns. Our programme will help develop your child into a confident, strong leader, capable of looking after themselves and others.

Remove some of the stress of parenting by letting us help with your child’s development.

Skills Your Child Will Learn From Junior Krav Maga

We are not teaching your child anything that is beyond what all parents want for their children. Sometimes learning these values can be achieved easier in a different situation such as the dojo.

Junior Kids

Getting Started with Junior Krav Maga is Simple:


Everything we do has the development of your child at its centre. All of our instructors are trained and certified to the Black belt level, so your child is in the safest hands possible. Our mats and equipment are safe, well-padded, and regularly maintained.

Don’t let your child be part of these figures. Equip them with the skills and values that they need to succeed and lead, skills that will stay with them for life. We can teach your child these skills through training in a martial art.

Many of our students surprise their parents with the turnaround they make, often going from bottom-of-the-class in school to academic achievement. All as a result of the confidence, discipline, and focus they learn at West Coast Martial Arts.

3 Ways Junior Krav Maga Will Help Maximize Your Child's Potential

Junior Kids


At West Coast Martial Arts, we believe in getting our students to have goals, and learn how to achieve them. The belt structure gives them something to aim for and builds their goal-setting and goal-achieving skills. They realise that putting in effort and dedication pays off.


Martial arts training involves complex physical movement and techniques which require concentration to master. The concentration your child learns developing their techniques will aid their focus and self-control in all situations.


Martial arts are built around respect, the respect shown to the instructor, and the other students. Politeness and patience are things that are entrenched in training. Kids learn to listen intently to instructions, leading to many improvements in the classroom as well as in the dojo.

The View from Our Founder, Lee Douglas

childrens martial arts in Preston

Practicing martial arts is not merely about physical force.

Like many other kids, I suffered from bullying as a child, both at school and outside. The effect it had on me was devastating, low confidence, and a feeling of powerlessness.

Through practicing martial arts, I found the strength inside me that I never knew existed. Gradually, martial arts helped me regain my confidence and self-esteem.

No child should have to feel powerless, and this was the driving force behind building our martial arts community. Our mission is to empower kids, and inspire them to be strong and positive.

We do this by giving your child fun lessons with serious benefits; benefits that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Little Leopards programme starts at four years old. Our Junior Krav Maga classes follow this for kids 7 to 12 years of age.

Generally, membership is on a month-by-month basis, and we can offer reduced rates on more extended plans.

Our main aim is for your child to learn and develop. We understand that to maintain their interest, they need to enjoy the classes, and that is why we incorporate plenty of fun activities in the programmes.

Previous experience is not necessary. All of our programmes are made up of students with varying levels of fitness, experience, and skill. Also, boys and girls practice alongside each other in the same groups.

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Junior Krav Maga (7 to 11 Years)




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