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Childrens Krav Maga Lessons in Preston

Martial arts lessons for children, BJJ, MMA, Kickboxing, Self Defence LessonsThis is the most fun you can have learning self defence skills. Our lessons help to prepare our students with life skills, fitness skills and much more. Most of the parents are so impressed by the benefits their children receive, they join the adults classes as well.

“Our mission is for your children to enjoy the training and develop the beneficial character skills which they’ll carry for the rest of their lives” 

Benefits of learning Krav Maga for Juniors

  • Grow your self esteem
  • Stranger Danger Skills
  • Achieve Missions and Challenges
  • Develop physical strength
  • Increase awareness of body and personal space
  • Encourages team work and socialisation
  • Develops problem solving skills

“Children are more likely to achieve these skills if they are taught in a class like ours, which is a fun environment with other like-minded children.”

How to enrol my child for a FREE lesson

andris2Many parents in the Krav Maga Club have joined their children into our lessons. As a parent myself, I want both my kids to have the best that life can offer. I want them to grow up good people, happy and successful in whatever they choose to do. I want my son and daughter to feel confident and good about themselves.

I’m sure that you want the same for your children as well.   We want our children to recognise their talents and achieve their potential. I sincerely believe that training in Krav Maga can help towards these goals.


If you think that your children are ready for a Krav Maga class:

 Contact West Coast Krav Maga to book a FREE lesson or call 07933 795260 to book their  free trial. If they are not yet ready, but may choose to try a lesson in the future.  I look forward to meeting you soon in class.  

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