number 1 way to improve your childs motor skills.

Can martial arts improve kids motor skills?

When we ask parents “what is that interested you in our martial arts classes?”

 I used to assume people would almost always say…  “…would like my child to have more confidence…” or  “…would like my child to stand up to bullies…” 

But, interestingly we’re seeing an increase in people wanting help with their kids motor skills.  These parents may have observed that their kids take a long time to get dressed. Their kids avoid playing active games.  We hear from the parents

 “…my kids are clumsy, they trip over a lot… drop things… and they are starting to get angry at home more often.”

 The fact is that sometimes kids just take longer to develop motor skills than others.  If kids are below the typical stage of development with their motor skills. They may need a little time to catch up or some extra help.  The problem is that whilst it may take time to catch up.  Kids self-esteem can take a big dive.Especially if they notice a big difference with the other kids at school. 

 Martial arts can be a big help.

 We encourage the students to keep trying by praising the effort more than the achievement.  This is key, as when you’re moving out of your comfort zone. You fail a lot.  

But being ok with failing, dropping, falling is a sign of progress. Martial arts are great for building this growth mindset. One of our coaching secrets of success is that good martial arts coaches understand how kids want to learn.  What this means is that we all learn in slightly different ways.

From visually watching and copying.  To preferring to hearing instructions, like on a podcast…

To how a skill may feel when you’re punching a target.  You’ll be taught across this spectrum to help you learn in the way that you prefer.  Martial arts has come a long way since the days of the Cobra Kai.

 If you’re interested in how we can help your children with their self-esteem and motor skills.

 Ping us a message.

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number 1 way to improve your childs motor skills.




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