Not just a guy thing!

Being able to defend yourself is an essential skill to learn for a women and there’s three key reasons that you should consider trying Krav Maga.

ladies self defence classes for women, teenagers, protection and selfdefence in preston and LancasterThe truth of this world is that crime can happen to anyone at any time.  At some point in your life, you may be in a situation where you need to protect yourself, a loved one or a stranger from a predator (not just males).

Become Empowered. West Coast Krav Maga has helped to make many women feel more empowered. Feeling more confident and taking control of their own lives. Our Krav Maga classes in Preston and Blackpool will help you become more aware of whether someone is interviewing you (assessing whether you’re a potential target) and help you to practise skills which work to avoid, evade and defuse physical attacks.

Could you run away from an attacker, up stairs or across a car park if being pursued?  Improving your fitness and strength is an important element in learning self defence. Could you push a man away from you, get up from the floor and sprint without hurting yourself? These skills are part of your regime when training with us. We’ll build your speed, strength and flexibility, combined with your new Self Defence Skills.

From training in our Krav Maga Self Defence Classes you’ll learn: 

“What to do after an attack, after the adrenaline rush  has left you and you’re not thinking clearly. You’ll learn to check yourself for injuries, how to control your breathing and think clearly to solve questions like where you parked your car or where your mobile phone is?”

Read some of the testimonials from women in our classes:

“The great thing about Krav Maga is that you don’t have to be Super-strong, athletically gifted, or wonderfully co-ordinated – which is obviously a big plus for me! It is extremely easy to learn and become proficient quite quickly, simply because it builds on your natural reactions to perceived threat.” Read more about Allison

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Not just a guy thing!




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