Try Krav Maga for Functional Fitness in Lancashire or Lancaster

Krav Maga is a lot more than just a series of tactics for self defence. It’s my favourite way to exercise, through training your muscles to work together in preparation for daily life. Through simulating the movements you can often perform at home, work or in sports. Krav Maga will strengthen your core muscles through the ultimate functional workout. This includes improving your conditioning and building your strength.

The usual training in a Krav Maga class consists of cardio development to prepare your body for the lesson. You’ll perform stretching and core exercises slowly at first. Then once you’re warm we’ll start your conditioning training with a few fun games, to help you get fitter, stay challenged and feel motivated to give the class 100%.

“If you’ve not exercised for a while, don’t panic! You can train at your own work rate, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Karate Commando! Just have fun.”

You’ll find that our classes are fantastic for burning a few calories. Did I say a few, well says that a 12.5 Stone person will burn over 800 calories in an hour’s training.  Ok, so you’re aware of the conditioning part of the class, but why does Krav Maga want to help you get stronger? Think about this scenario:

Krav Maga Strength Training

“A friend, stranger or loved one is about to be attacked and you want to get the attacker off them.”  Read below about how Gill stopped a cash point attacker.


At a primal level, all you need is brute force or strength with a little bit of determination. Strength is a skill that you develop in our Krav Maga Lessons and you will feel the benefits very quickly. Add to this the benefits of tactical training and you’ll appreciate why Krav Maga is ideal for self defence as well.

You’ll appreciate that there are a lot of physical health benefits to training in Krav Maga. The good news is that it is genuinely simple to build stamina, strength, speed and co-ordination through regularly training in Krav Maga. There is a catch, “Simple is not the same as easy!” If you’re determined to develop yourself, then we’ll work together to achieve these benefits from Krav Maga in our Preston and Blackpool Classes.

“I was on my way to the local metro shop and heard a women screaming. I thought it must be someone messing around, but when I looked I saw a man trying to grab money from a women at a cash point. Acting more on instinct, than with a plan I reacted to the shouting and approached the women pulling her quickly back and sharply pushed the many strongly away in the chest. We were not such easy targets and the man ran away without the money.” Gill

Adults classes for krav maga self defence.