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“The toughest exercise of all is getting your ass off the sofa”

Krav Maga Boot Camp Preston is an incredible mix of self-awareness, determination and a journey to discover what your potential is.

Krav Maga is different to any other bootcamp you’ve heard of before.  Used by law enforcement agencies and military units around the world Krav Maga is a proven, simple easy to learn system for fitness, body conditioning and realistic self defence.  There is no equal.

There is no ego in the boot camp, no BS, no traditional martial art wax on wax off, just the chance for you to learn something about yourself through an achievable challenge.

“Focus on where you want to do, not on what you fear” – Tony Robbins

Over the course of the boot camp, you will learn the foundations of Krav Maga this includes training standing, on the ground and through dynamic exercises.

We use a principle approach to coaching, so rather than teaching how to use a thousand different tools, you’ll learn how to use your bodies natural tools a thousand time.

The boot camp is useful as a standalone course to teach the techniques of Krav Maga or useful as an introduction to the regular classes for those who want to go deeper into the system.

If you want to lose weight, build your confidence, learn self defence and most importantly have fun book on the course now as there is limited spaces available for the next course.

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