Preston Krav Maga Class “thumbs up for the past two weeks”

No matter how much skill a martial artist has, it counts for very little if they are not mentally prepared.

Boxers understand that during their weeks of build up to a big fight, their inner voice will commence talking them down all the way into the ring.  During the early days of preparing for a fight, it’s very much about getting physically ready.  However, as the big fight starts to loom and the hard work is done, the switch starts to the mental game.

“….That fighting is 90% mental and 10% physical as your training is already done” George St-Pierre.

We can learn to handle this feeling of being uncomfortable through slowly coming out of our comfort zone and pushing our Krav Maga learning experiences. What I mean is that most of us understand the feelings involved in a “fight, freeze or flight scenario”. Survival is our bodies main aim and often freezing is our bodies way of not triggering the primal instinct from our adversary to chase us. Picture a Sabre Tooth Tiger Stalking into a Neanderthal Village, who will it select to chase first? We label how we would feel as FEAR, but it’s just a change in our bodies chemistry or software, knowing this and practising to overcome it in training is what we have been working on in our Preston Krav Maga Lessons. This is why we’ve been working our boxing drills, on pads, with each other and using controlled aggression to overcome our fears and achieve our potential.


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Preston Krav Maga Class “thumbs up for the past two weeks”




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