Invite us to give a school talk on anti-bullying, martial arts skills, Goal setting, leadership and much more.

Did you know we can come to your school and give a talk or run a workshop on a number of subjects?

We can educate your students about martial arts, anti-bullying, stranger safety, being a leader and much more.

Our vision is to help inspire children in Preston to live amazing lives. We can support schools in seeking the potential in children and encouraging kids ‘think big goals’ and understand how to make them possible.

It’s why we provide a number of workshops that can help with this objective.

Little Leopards Martial Arts for preschool kids in Preston

Stand Strong – This is our anti bullying workshop.

It helps children understand what bullying behaviour is. How to be an upstander, with non-violent solutions to help someone in need. Such as redirecting the bully onto another topic of talk or how it’s smart to seek help.

We also coach a series of tactics to protect yourself, from using words you can say to a bully to de-fuse a confrontation. Plus how making safety a habit will help you in the long run.

Goal Setting – This is a powerful and fun growth workshop.

It helps children identify their goals and build maps towards achieving them.

School Talks

Youth Safety

This workshop builds on the fundamentals of stranger awareness and empowers children to make smart decisions about strangers they can trust and strangers that may be trying to trick them. Ideal coaching to help children through multiple scenarios including:

  • what actions children can take if they are lost or separated from their group or family
  • what to do if a stranger tries to trick them
  • why we can feel scared and how to break the freeze

We can adapt these workshops for children in Preston from 4 year and older.

Thank you for your interest in West Coast Martial Arts.
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