The courage zone

This is my philosophy on the “The courage zone!”

The understanding came from an AHA moment during a chat with my teenage daughter about studying abroad. I think it helped her and if  this could help someone you know, please share😀.

Stretching outside your comfort zone takes courage.💪
Your comfort zone is were you’re happiest 😁😎😊 mostly it’s with your friends, places are familiar and the activities you do put you at ease.
On the other hand things like speaking in public, making new friends and sticking up for your values makes you feel sick to the stomach!🤢
Welcome to the courage zone
It’s here where adventure, risk and challenges take place.
This is new territory, with the scary risk of failure. It’s also where opportunity exists and the place where you start tapping into your potential.  I heard a phrase once and it’s stuck with me “Free Range Human”. This is the choice to do what you want and live how you want, reaching for your potential.
So it’s fine to live in the comfort zone. But if you want to be free range, then you need to dip out of at some point.
I believe that life should not be boring and we should not be making all of our decisions from a place of fear.  You don’t need to be reckless! We just have to give it a go, take a friend with if it helps but speak to that person you want to chat with.  Start to chat with people more, it gets easier. 
Volunteer or try something you’ve never done before.👩‍🎤 
This is why you never fail in Krav Maga, you just keep learning.