We’re doing it all wrong in Martial Arts

One huge mistake in training

An easy way to make progress from your training is improve how you handle recovery.😲

Think about it, we get fitter not from the training but the recovery.

Not just with beginners, myself included.

We can forget to give recovery the importance it deserves.

We warm-down at the end of a class to help the heart rate return to its norm in a sensible way. We’ll also help prepare your muscles for the next day to reduce any soreness 

But what about your longer term recovery?

We need to repair the muscles so that you get stronger, clear out waste products and commence your bodies adaptations to the demands of Krav Maga.

Genetics and age are a factor in your recovery.

But there are variables that you can control.

Poor sleep, nutrition and stress, sound familiar.

Hang on, I train to get rid of stress!

Sorry, but if you leave training and go straight into a stressful day at work, it slows down the recovery process. It’s why I like my most intensive training at the weekend, so I’m chilled the following day.

However sleep is something we can influence. Good sleep habits, a decent mattress and “no phones by your bed” are all in our control.

Magnesium, zinc and iron get depleted after a tough workout, especially if we’re sweating a lot.

So there you have it… some food for thought to help you progress more quickly.

My top tips to help are…

Get a massage, combined with training this helps with the stress and muscle soreness.

Strapped for cash and a massage is a little too extravagant. Then try eating watermelon.

It’s lower in carbs than you think and helps with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Fresh, not concentrate!

FYI, I usually have watermelon after intensive training whilst in Israel (with a little lime juice).

Lastly think about this.

We spend a third of our lives in bed, don’t be cheap.

😴 Buy a decent mattress.

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