What’s the secret to kids learning 10 times faster ?

The secret to helping kids learn 10 times faster is…

Have you heard the word Edutainment❓

It could be the most important word for a parent to implement as it’s a way of making education fun and amusing.

Kids really need this right now. 

Especially local kids in Preston, who have experienced the lock down from the current pandemic. 

If you can get into their world, on their level and have fun helping them learn from home.

Plus, provide valuable lessons to your kids, you’ve smashed it!

🥋One edutainment secret we use in our interactive martial arts classes is “healthy competition” 🥰.

If you get the formula right, the students are really excited and accomplish their training which can sometimes be physically and mentally tough to complete.

Make it boys vs girls or Instructors vs students, it’s usually a winning formula.
This works at home with games like who can brush their teeth the longest, but letting the child win when the 2 minutes is up.

Being playful is another approach we use.

It’s great to see the parents joining in with their kids in the at-home training, it’s fun.

But you need to get into character, be surprised when the kids win or show excitement during the mission.

This is especially useful when it comes to homework, too many kids find homework dull and boring.

But can you bring it to life?

Make it a quiz with prizes or penalties.

Put the questions in a bucket, that the kids have to pull out.

Use an app like https://wheelofnames.com/ to generate penalties or questions.

How edutatational are you as a parent… Because when you get this right, your kids will learn faster, embrace learning and you can have fun too.

What’s the secret to kids learning 10 times faster ?




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