Who has bored kids on their hands?

Have you got bored kids on your hands… read on! Ever thought, I wish the weekend could go on a little longer?

As the weeks of isolation have passed, the eagerness for some “time off” is no longer so attractive.

Children’s boredom is starting to grow, that’s day by day.
Imagine what it will be like at home if the school year ends early and we’re still in lockdown?

The rising monotony of each day brings about an increased desire for children to keep occupied.

What they should be doing?
Keep them creative will help massively in this situation.
Do you know when your kids are at their most creative or what they love to do?

Spend a little time watching and chatting with them about this.

Some parents….. (maybe me!) try to manage our kids when they are being creative.

Overparenting, is a fine line and can dampen the experience.
Take a little time for your own creativity. Kids copy us.

One of the parents in our classes makes amazing pictures and mosaic-style designs on their kids boxing gloves, shoes…. it’s inspiring and it’s natural to want to copy.

Encourage this!

In conclusion, help your kids be creative if you want to stave off the impending boredom and problems that can follow with the current climate.


If you’ve bored kids on your hands. Here’s how we can help!

We’re offering 2 weeks free martial arts classes for kids 4-11 years to encourage creativity, exercise and goal setting.

Visit: www.kravclasses.co.uk/virtualclasses

Who has bored kids on their hands?




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