Why your kids Crave Cookies – “Can Martialarts Help?”

Martialarts has a 'secret ingredient' for your success

Our focus in class for the kids has been on Excellence.

This life skill makes the difference between accepting average, settling for alright or levelling up to achieve your dreams.

Martialarts is powerful stuff.

If success was a recipe, then a key ingredient is your habits.

As an adult, do you take the same route to work everyday?

Have a coffee when you get up?

40% of our behaviours on any give day is due to our habits.

You could argue that we are the sum of our habits.

How predictable are you?

What’s exciting about research into habits is that you can lose old ones and you can create new ones.

We’re not stuck, but can evolve depending on our focus.

If you want your child to spend less time in front of a screen or more time training. 

What are the habits involved that will help them to succeed or fail? 

martialarts builds great habits

4 powerful steps to building a new habit

You need 4 steps to help create a new and better habit.

1. Cue

This is the predictable thing that our brain uses to predict something good. It can be simple and positive like putting on your running shoes.

It can also be a negative habit, like finishing a meal. Putting your knife and fork together and getting out your phone!

2. Craving

the possibility of a reward builds up the craving for it. It’s the motivation factor. For example, you crave feeling pumped after a workout, instead of a little sleepy beforehand

3. Response

This is the performing of the activity, action or task that becomes the habit. For me it’s calling my friend Dom as he always makes me smile or drinking coffee as it makes me feel alert.

4. Reward

The response to the craving is the reward. Over time, my brain associates Dom with smiling, Coffee with feeling awake and so on. The habit is formed.

It's easier to get a new one than drop an old one!

If you want to change something in your child or yourself. Creating a new habit is a lot easier than dropping an old one.

Habits are a powerful ingredient in excellence and will determine how good your recipe for success turns out.

Video about habits

Charles Duhigg

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Why your kids Crave Cookies – “Can Martialarts Help?”




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